About Us

Working Travel Group is an responsible travel company, and a market leader, dedicated to creating authentic and unique travel experiences that render a deeper understanding of the destination, offering insight into the culture and heritage of each location. Our trips are engineered to not only provide travellers with a superb experience, but also help bring a positive change to local communities. With an extensive selection of destination operators, our travel and activity coverage is second to none, providing first class customer support from beginning to end.

We are a fully ATOL protected company and comply with Travel Package Regulations. The Working Travel Group is the right choice where you can place your trust in us, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure you have a memorable experience.

History and Responsible Travel

The company has been operating in the travel sector for two decades, delivering great opportunities to explore the world, engaging with diverse communities and cultures. Working Travel Group has actively supported regenerative tourism by connecting travellers to social and environmental impact projects. To find out more see our Ethical DNA information.

Our Brands

Working Travel Group comprises of several unique brands, each with a specific focus to deliver niche experiences around the world. Providing expertise and specialism in these travel tribes. Our brands all cater for a range of complex travel requirements, so travellers can enjoy the memorable life experiences tailored to their unique motivations. Our team of dedicated professionals are happy to offer assistance and advice with any complex travel requirements.

Please click on the below brand logos to visit our websites:

Pure Breaks is a high end brand, focused on luxurious accommodation that doesn’t compromise our eco-friendly and sustainable mission. Travellers can enjoy unique escapes that celebrate regions abroad, with a focus on tailor-made trips and special interests so that guests can experience all that they desire in a setting off the beaten track, away from typical tourist hotspots, and discover something new.

Sporting Opportunities offers travellers the chance to explore other countries and destinations while giving back to the communities they visit through sharing their love of sport. Guests can teach, mentor and coach children in exciting countries around the world in a range of sports including martial arts, rugby, football, netball, athletics, snowboarding, and many more.

Changing Worlds offers meaningful travel opportunities where travellers can spend time overseas making a positive impact to the lives of others. Offering immersive travel, Changing Worlds empowers travellers to support local people providing knowledge sharing and offering new skills, assisting in wildlife conservation projects or even learn qualifications through courses and internships that will go on to help others.

Career Break, support professionals can take the next step in their career either locally or abroad. Our career development zone features a wide selection of courses, internships or study abroad opportunities that will help you to change career path or climb further up the career ladder. Alternatively, for those seeking a break from work can immerse themselves in the beauty, culture and history of countries on an around the world adventure coupled with the potential to work abroad and gain international experience.

Ethical DNA

Our Social and Ethical Origin

Working Travel Group (WTG) is an ethical travel company at its roots, originally delivering volunteer activities abroad. Operating for over 20 years we have lived and breathed an ethical core value. Our social impact placements have created a positive change for individuals and communities worldwide. Through diversification and expansion, the business now operates multiple brands to meet the changing trends of the travel sector whilst allowing us to continue our ethical approach to travel.

Each accommodation is thoroughly researched, ensuring that our travellers are visiting locations that not only comply with our social and environmental values, but offer a unique and unforgettable escape.


To offer ethical travel and life experiences, responsibly operating within destinations, embracing cultural diversity, supporting local communities, and actively contributing to environmental conservation.

Our travel experiences involve a proactive approach with dedicated charities in developing countries across the world. Our aim is to improve the lives of people, enhance education, raise health awareness and build life skills.

Our trips offer high impact value for both the client and destination country. We specifically highlight accommodations which partake in projects and initiatives to aid environmental conservation and support local people. Working Travel Group offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences while protecting the planet and the people who live on it, creating a business model which allows future generations to explore the world.


With over 20 years in the travel and career industry, Working Travel Group works with everyone from global operators to small and unique experience and accommodation providers.

Offering a wide and diverse range of opportunities, we are always on the lookout for forging new and interesting relationships with partners that can provide something unique and relevant to our client base.

If you have something you believe we should hear about then Contact Us and start your journey with us today.