Responsible Travel Operators

Working Travel Group has created a responsible travel operators network, providing a suite of travel tech tools that allows them to get their offerings to market through our niche website brochures whilst driving more revenue to the destinations that depend on it.

Join our community and share our vision to build the largest network of responsible travel operators delivering unique experiences and places to escape. The defining criteria is to travel better and to support local communities, destinations and the environment.

Our Offering to You


  • Online customer Travel Centre
  • Live financial reporting
  • Dynamic travel packaging system
  • Customer Relationship Management Booking Centre.


  • Niche online marketplace brands delivering customer enquiries
  • Operating for over 20 years as a responsible travel technology company

AI Chatbot

  • Responsible Travel Advisor – Customer Support Chatbot
  • Onboarding AI Assistant – Operator Support Chatbot (beta)


  • Join the movement and be part of our network of responsible tourism organisations
  • Connect to customers who want to travel better

Agent Network

  • Market to independent travel professionals and travel agencies
  • Offer commission for bookings
  • Access multiple user accounts for staff

Travel Impact

  • Certification of travel impact through AI assessments
  • Support local initiatives that put back
  • Climate impact reporting


  • Advertise customer reviews
  • Grow credibility and recognition
  • Become a verified responsible travel business


  • The one stop travel management solution
  • Earn more for your travel business with affordable and fair pricing

Join the Responsible Travel Operator Community

£50 per month or £450 for 12 months upfront

  • Create unlimited users in the travel management booking system
  • Define roles for different users from your operations to sales team
  • Unlimited product experiences and accommodation listings
  • Add images and videos to enhance user experiences
  • Set customer retail prices for global price parity
  • Support affiliates with resources to help them sound knowledgeable about your experiences
  • Receive customer enquiries from our niche websites that you or our network can manage through to a booking
  • CRM quotation and travel centre for your customers
  • Access to a network of agents who can sell your experience too
  • AI support for all travel management administration and task fulfilment (beta)
  • Live reporting of bookings with financial breakdown, customer information of arrival and departure dates
  • Full PDF download of customer information with dietary needs, next of kin, insurance, flight and passport details.
  • Multi-dynamic packaging that connects your itinerary with accommodation and nearby add on experiences
  • Receive training and support from our team in using our system.

Booking Fee of 3%

All confirmed bookings will incur a 3% booking fee charge of customer retail price. This includes any applied transaction charges.

If you want to hear more and receive a demo then please complete the form using the join us button below.

Online Marketplace Brands

Our unique range of niche brands target specific travel styles providing the online marketplace to find the best responsible travel experiences. We will generate customer enquiries for you and invite them to use our Travel Centre where they can access important travel information whilst supplying you with details you require to run the trip.

Working Travel Group provides a comprehensive travel management booking system, enabling you to market and sell exciting responsible travel experiences through our leading niche brands that serve the youth and student travel sector through to adventure and high-end luxury travel. We will generate leads for you to manage or you can allow our network of agents to sell on your behalf.

Your business can use our travel technology to assist your business in the day-to-day management of your customers. Design and package unique travel itineraries and create accommodation listings of your selected amazing places to stay. Invite your customers into our Travel Centre, our online booking platform where consumers can view their quotes and bookings, update their personal information and send payments to your business.

You can be reassured you are part of a network that cares about the future of our planet. We will assess sustainable practices,  review the support to NGO’s or charities of operators and validate designed itineraries that stay in locally owned responsible accommodation, giving you peace of mind that you are part of a community of operators changing the agenda in travel and tourism.

If your business is not certified as an approved member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) criteria for tour operation or as an accommodation provider then our internal assessment will consider the value you bring so long as you can demonstrate your positive impact in the countries you serve.