About Us

Working Travel Group provides a range of interesting and unique brands as a market leader, attracting people from all walks of life and backgrounds. With an extensive selection of destination operators, our travel and activity coverage is second to none, providing first class customer support from beginning to end. We have a team of dedicated professionals who can build the best itineraries available whilst having flexibility to serve their clients in the manner that most suits them.

We are a fully ATOL protected company and comply with Travel Package Regulations. The Working Travel Group is the right choice where you can place your trust in us, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure you have a memorable experience.

History and Responsible Travel

The company has been operating in the travel sector for two decades, delivering great opportunities to explore the world, engaging with diverse communities and cultures. Working Travel Group has actively supported Sustainable Initiatives with an emphasis on Responsible Travel. To find out more see our Ethical DNA information.

Our Brands

Working Travel Group operates several unique brands delivering niche experiences around the world. Providing expertise and specialism in these travel categories. Our team of dedicated professionals can assist and advise with all aspects of complex travel requirements. Our brands provide the inspiration and ability to make it happen.

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Ethical DNA

Our Social and Ethical Origin

Working Travel Group (WTG) is an ethical travel company at its roots, originally delivering volunteer activities abroad. Operating for over 20 years we have lived and breathed an ethical core value. Our social impact placements have created a positive change for individuals and communities worldwide. Through diversification and expansion the business now operates multiple brands to meet the changing trends of the travel sector whilst allowing us to continue our ethical approach to travel.


To offer ethical travel and life experiences, responsibly operating within destinations, embracing cultural diversity, supporting local communities, and actively contributing to environmental conservation.

Our travel experiences involve a proactive approach with dedicated charities in developing countries across the world. Our aim is to improve the lives of people, enhance education, raise health awareness and build life-skills.

Over the years we have contributed to communities to enable a sustainable future. Offering valuable travel experiences through self funded placements. These placements form part of the overall fundraising objectives of the charities.


With over 20 years in the travel and career industry the Working Travel Group works with everyone from global operators to small and unique experience and accommodation providers.

Offering a wide and diverse range of opportunities, our clients repeatedly return to us as one of the leading and most trusted travel organisations in the market.

We are always on the lookout at forging new and interesting relationships with partners that can provide something unique and relevant to our client base.

If you have something you believe we should hear about then Contact Us and start your journey with us today.